Film Plus - Code of conduct

Please read through this Code of Conduct carefully. As a member of Film Plus, you agree to be bound by, and comply with the provisions of this Code of Conduct. This Code of Conduct will govern your behaviour in relation to Film Plus. Our code is designed to complement relevant professional workplace standards and rules and is not designed to substitute such standards and rules that are considered common sense.

You agree to the following:

  1. Treat all Film Plus guests, members, staff and their belongings with respect.
  2. To clean up after yourself and keep Film Plus clean and tidy.
  3. Food and drink is permissible so long as areas are appropriately cleaned up afterwards and litter is disposed of in the designated rubbish bins.
  4. No smoking and/or drinking alcohol within Film Plus.
  5. Consider safety first for all guests, members and staff. For example, exercise caution if liquids are spilled on electronic appliances.
  6. No sleeping or napping in Film Plus.
  7. Shoes must be worn at all times in Film Plus.
  8. Handle all property of Film Plus with care and report any known damage or faults to Film Plus staff via
  9. You are responsible for any damages you cause to the facility and/or equipment during your use of Film Plus and you agree to pay on demand without challenge for any damage you (or any of your guests) cause to such property.
  10. Avoid discussions or other activities that may interrupt other users; discuss matters quietly and remain considerate of other Film Plus members.
  11. Avoid activities that slow down the internet.
  12. Illegal downloading of any online content is strictly forbidden within Film Plus.
  13. Keep swearing to a minimum, as per ordinary professional workplace standards.
  14. Keep considerate distances from members working on confidential content and refrain from viewing their materials without their consent.
  15. You are responsible for watching your belongings, items left unattended are not the responsibility of Film Plus staff or other members.
  16. No stealing generally: inclusive of property, intellectual property, ideas, clients or food.
  17. Security of Film Plus is everyone’s responsibility, pay attention to closed doors for security purposes.
  18. No pets or animals are allowed in Film Plus area.
  19. Film Plus has the right to use any picture or media received from you or taken of you in connection with Film Plus and you agree to waive any compensation for such use.

Any and all works, additions, removals or modifications to Film Plus desks, offices, buildings, surfaces, furniture or other property must be explicitly approved by Film Plus Property Team before being conducted.