Film Plus - Terms and Conditions

Change Log

All changes below take effect one week from the date noted here.



  • Amended clause 9.7 and added 9.7 (d) and (e) to clarify that the intention of 'make good' responsibilities also includes "Removal and disposal of any signage" and "Removal and disposal of personal belongings left in the Film Plus space after termination".
  • Added the concept of Special Conditions for times where Film Plus and a member agree to put a customised membership agreement in place, such as a payment plan or discounted Service Fee. This is intended to help keep the Terms & Conditions the same for everyone, with any alterations to the Membership Agreement now done via Special Conditions.
    • Amended 19.4 now that Special Conditions exist, the clarify that this clause refers to "a Fixed Term with no Special Condition".
    • Amended numbering of existing clauses 19.6, 19.7, 19.8, 19.9 to now be 19.7, 19.8, 19.9, 19.10 respectively.
    • Added new clause 19.5 to detail the functionality of Special Conditions.
    • Amended numbering of existing clauses 29.1 (gg), (hh), (ii) to now be 29.1 (hh), (ii), (jj) respectively.
    • Added new clause 29.1 (gg) to General Definitions: "Special Condition means a special benefit provided by Film Plus to the member specified in the special condition details in the Service Schedule."


  • Amended numbering of existing clauses 5.2, 5.3, 5.4 to now be 5.3, 5.4, 5.5
  • Added new clause 5.2 "The Agreed Price will be invoiced to you monthly on the first business day of each calendar month and is payable within seven (7) days. In the event of any broken period of Membership during your Term, the Agreed Price will be apportioned pro rata based upon a standard 30 days."


  • Changed the wording of clause 19.1 to clarify that this clause is only intended to refer to Memberships not on a Fixed Term
  • Added clause 9.7 to clarify 'make good' responsibilities
  • Added clause 9.8 to refer to the Schedule of Fees
  • Removed sub-headings from Section 19, to match the rest of the document's formatting
  • Changed the wording of item s. slightly in the Code of Conduct to correct the grammar