Editing//Grading Suite for Independent Filmmakers


If you need a powerful computer to edit or grade your latest production, or if you need to work with a client in a professional sound proof area, our Editing Suite is the perfect option.


iMac - 27" 3.0ghz 32 gb ram

Audio interface – Focusrite 2i2

Monitors – Mackie HR824

Programs - Full Adobe Suite, DaVinci Resolve Lite, Abelton Suite



Per Half Day Film Plus Half Day* Per Day Film Plus Day*
 $280.00  $99.00  $499.00  $169.00
  • for resident members of Film Plus
  • A half day is 5 hours


If you would like to check availability or book this room right now please got to https://ctp.skedda.com/booking and choose the Sound Studio column.